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The Taste of Words: This is Only the Beginning by Meg Lynch

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Publication Date through SGP:

Print - July 19, 2020

Preorders will be shipped out when available.

As Meg Lynch's debut volume of poetry, The Taste of Words: This is Only the Beginning serves as a reminder that anyone can write a book. The poems in this volume are simple yet beautiful, and they show the maturity of a girl falling in love with words for the very first time.

From writing only in couplets, realizing just how much fun sonnets and villanelles can be, and embracing the freedom of free verse poetry, Meg had fun playing around with words. She mulled over them in her mind to create poems of value. Not afraid to sit with a piece until it becomes something bigger than she originally believed it could be, Meg uses patience as a tool in her writing to make sure that what she publishes is good work.

From fourth grade through high school and even college, this book shows Meg's journey of discovering her writing voice and maturing in her style. Perhaps it might help you along your own writing journey. Meg sure hopes it will.

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