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Young Adult / Sci-Fi Fantasy / Nonfiction
Her books are available at the following locations:

Barnes & Noble - The Calling only
Books-a-Million - The Calling only
SGP Store

Ever since she had been seven years old and living in the rural Tennessee countryside, Maxina Storibrook has been working toward her dream of becoming an author. Her parents believed in raising her inside of an environment encouraging constant learning and creativity, resulting in exceptional academic performance both inside a classroom and at home. Her father served in the military, and so she also grew up traveling the world while being homeschooled. When she obtained her high school diploma at just 16 years old, she already had 23 college credit hours to her name. However, this is only the beginning of Maxina’s countless accomplishments.

Understanding how important a quality education is for her chosen career, Maxina attended college and graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English at only 19 years old. Still not satisfied, she enrolled in Full Sail University. Due to her academic achievements in the classroom, she received four Course Director Awards; each one is a distinct honor reserved only for a single student in that particular class who distinguishes themselves from their peers by demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the course material beyond the instructor’s expectations. At age 21, she graduated as the Valedictorian of her class with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing for the Entertainment Industry.

Finally possessing the knowledge to tell her stories the way they were meant to be told, Maxina immediately began working on her debut sci-fi fantasy series called the Danarko Quartet. She published the first book in the series, Danarko, a year after graduating from Full Sail University in October 2016; she followed up Danarko with the second book in the series, Ecalain, only 11 months later in July 2017 with even more positive feedback from her fanbase. The third book in the series, Carni, is due out in Summer of 2018.

Due to her extensive list of qualifications on top of her astounding ability to create exciting stories in such a short amount of time, Maxina decided it was time to give back to the writing community and created the beginning of the From Inkling to Ink series, a writer’s toolkit called Scratchpad. This workbook not only contains Maxina’s very own secret process for developing and writing her stories, but it also includes templates used and created by Maxina herself during her writing process.

Maxina is currently making her living by selling her books and products while attending various conventions and events. She once again goes above and beyond to help aspiring writers by being a guest on various writing and story-related panels at the conventions she currently attends.

With plans for multiple new novels in various genres already in the works, Maxina is just getting started! She is growing into a prominent inspirational figure for not only those who share her dream of being a writer, but also to those who dare to dream of making the impossible possible.

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