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You won’t find perfection here, but you will find hope.” 

Meg grew up with a love for the written word. After discovering poetry in fourth grade, she picked up her pen and hasn’t put it down since.


She found solace in the stories told by others. They were her friends when no one else was, and it was through stories that Meg learned she was not alone. When bullies had knocked her self-esteem to the ground, words built it right back up.


When she entered college, Meg had no clue what she wanted to do with her life… until an English professor approached her at a major fair. “You look like a word girl,” she said, a knowing smirk splayed across her face. Meg will never forget the moment she turned in the form declaring her major; she graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, her concentration in Writing and Rhetoric.


Meg now enjoys helping others with their writing. She believes that every person has a story to tell and that each story has value and meaning. If you have a story aching to get out of you, Meg encourages you to reach out to her via her website:

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