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DISCLAIMER: Author-signed books are nonrefundable. Replacements/refunds will not be given to books that are undelivered, stolen, misplaced, etc. by the mailing company.


Media shipping, packaging, and processing fees are included in the price.


NEW OPTION: Upgrade your shipping to require a signature at the door. This is called "Signature Confirmation™" and is an optional extra service if you would like to sign for your package. This is recommended if you live in an apartment building or an area where your package might be taken off your doorstep by questionable folk. It is $3 extra.

Content is the same as the paperback edition. The hardcover is an image wrap.


“Imagine walking through a familiar forest that you used to travel through every day of your life. You grow sleepy, so you take a nap. However, when you open your eyes, nothing around you is familiar. You try to backtrack to find your familiar pathway again. Before you know it, you are so lost that you don't know which way to turn – not even to return to where you had been sleeping. This is what happens to me every time I wake up.”


It has been less than a year since Mara woke up on Blazhreia, and a lot has happened. She struggles to maintain her sanity as she tries to deal with the grief of losing someone she loves, as well as remembering the different lives of other Essence incarnations. When remnant fragments of a seal in her mind start dissipating, though, she encounters another problem as she slowly loses what little control she has over her Source.

It does not help that Desdemona’s escape exposes the presence of a traitor among Mara’s comrades, and her mysterious friend, Thanos, falls under suspicion. Not only must Mara prove Thanos’s innocence, but she has to pull herself together and regain control over her powers.


If she doesn’t, she might truly go insane before she turns seventeen.

Ecalain Hardcover (Danarko Quartet Book Two)

$30.00 Regular Price
$23.00Sale Price
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